Lindley Sign Post Forest

Corner of Vermilion and Harrison Streets
Danville, IL
The Historical Marker Database

Upon discovering Danville’s relationship to TWO Carl Lindleys (one of the originator of the Alaskan Sign Post Forest and one Carl Scott Lindley, our chief Walldog), it seemed natural to incorporate this into Danville’s Doggone Dandy Event.  Thus was born the Lindley Sign Post Forest.

The original Sign Post Forest was started in 1942 by U.S. Army  G.I., Carl K. Lindley of Danville, IL., Company D, 341st Engineers at Watson Lake in the Yukon Territory.

The decision was made to add a non-mural element to the Walldog celebration by creating Danville’s echoing tribute to its Canadian cousin.  Every Walldog artist was invited to design and bring signs showing the distance to their homes and the competition was on.