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Many people ask what exactly a convention and visitors’ bureau does, and the answer often gets lost because the list of possibilities is endless, a more accurate description of our role, is that of a DMO, or Destination Management Organization.  We have narrowed it down to just a few key components of our job and how we can help visitors to our area enjoy the best experience possible!


Find venues, plan tours, and provide travel advice:


One of the key components of the CVB is to assist travel groups and individuals in their planning process. This may include directing them to a venue for their event or setting up a tour at a featured tourist destination. A CVB can also provide your group with welcome packets, visitors’ guides (which we produce!) or brochures and information on the area upon request.


Provide a comprehensive list of hotels, restaurants, shops, attractions, and events:


Another task of the CVB is to provide visitors with up-to-date information on where to stay, eat, shop, and spend their time in the area. At the DACVB, this is done through maintaining a website, creating a new visitors’ guide each year, and the ever popular social media sites of Facebook and Twitter. We also feature a comprehensive Calendar of Events which is updated daily with all the happenings of Danville and the surrounding area.


Assist in the planning and implementation of tourist attractions and events


A large part of the CVB’s job is also to work with local attractions and events to ensure their continued success in the community. In the past, the Danville Area CVB has worked in partnership with the Balloon Classic, Farm Progress Show, and Temple Plaza Structure. We also worked hard to see the Walldog Murals be painted in Downtown Danville. Currently, we are working hard to help organize, run, and promote the National Junior College Division II Men’s Basketball Tournament which has been held at Danville Area Community College for the past 20 years.  Our latest project includes the development and construction of the Illinois Basketball Hall of Fame Museum which will be located in the David S. Palmer Arena.


Advertise, market, and sell our area


While our main focus at the CVB is to increase tourism and ensure travelers enjoyment, we are also committed to seeing the tourist attractions in our area see success. The CVB serves as a powerful marketing tool and promoter for tourism attractions, events, restaurants, shopping venues and more in our area!


If you have further questions about how the CVB can help you and your group have the best visit, trip, or event possible, call our offices at (217) 442-2096!



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